Rooting turns this phone into an even more powerful tool than it already is. By gaining the root access, you are able to perform many things that any normal user can’t do. You can also run apps that no other user can run and use, such provide more customization or can use your device as a utility. Here are some reasons that may push you over the edge if you are still hesitating about doing it.

Backing up and restoring your ROM

It will be very easy for you to backup everything you have. This doesn’t mean the OS only; you can also backup all settings as well as all files. It is like having a replica of the filesystem, should anything go wrong with the settings; it is just a few clicks away from being restored to the state you like.


Hotspot/Wi-Fi tethering

You will be able to tether it as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Most carriers –especially in the U.S.- add extra charge for this feature to be used. The charge is added to the already paid for the internet service. Other carriers outside the U.S. don’t do that, so it will be great to use it as a hotspot when using your laptop or any other device, without having to pay extra money.


Using unofficial apps

This is –in my humble opinion- is the greatest extra feature that you’ll be able to get. This will touch you on a daily basis, especially with the use of the right apps which will give you this feeling. Many won’t do their full function unless they gain root privileges, because these need to control core files of the system or hardware. Great examples are the ones for getting data backed up, like titanium backup. It can backup most data. Battery management is another great example; they can control your screen brightness, data connection and also reduce the clock speed for when the screen is turned off to reserve battery life.



Custom ROMs are modified systems; this modification is basically made to the core of the original system. It is done to create a better output when it runs, for example; it removes some unnecessary processes and features that run in the background and consume battery and data charges. It also has the ability to overclock the CPU and other theming and icon packs usage.

flash roms

To state it in a more direct way, rooting any device or firmware gives you more control and more power over it. Just imagine the power you’ll have if it is already powerful. The Samsung Galaxy S4, with all its variants, is one of the most powerful Android devices. By getting it rooted, you are able to bring the experience to a new level; don’t miss out on it.